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Basic Coloring Tutorial -New- by DJCoulzAnimalsOnly Basic Coloring Tutorial -New- by DJCoulzAnimalsOnly
Basic tutorial, for beginners, and I apologize, it was VERY rushed.

Okay so I realized I didn't re-upload my Lion Coloring Tutorial when I came back. So I decided to revamp it a little. And make it a little easier. For those who are either, Technology, age, or English challenged.

I included all the little baby steps inbetween, hopefully it's as easy to follow as I think it is. And hopefully there aren't any confusions. This is how I color. You may have a totally different way, that's fine. I'm just sharing how, over the 8 years of digital art I've been doing and learning different short cuts and what not, the system I'm comfortable with.

You can use it for things other than lions, it's just best suited for TLK style coloring and shading. It's meant for all types of Photo shop, and can be adapted for things like gimp, and other programs with some tweaking.

Enjoy, and pick it apart and use what you want from it ^^ I hope if helps.

And if it does send me a link! 8]

And feel free to ask me any questions you may have. (If there are any typos I apologize, dyslexia is a hell of a disease!

For more tutorials, go to my gallery, I have ones on Lineart and shading tips, anatomy, and Backgrounds!
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March 12, 2010
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